Just Listen To What These Callers Said During This Recent Radio Interview With Author RK Hendrick ...

very real threat to unsuspecting men is emerging!

    I am RK Hendrick and in my legal career I have been a prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, a pro tem judge and a family law attorney (divorce, custody and child support cases).

    In my extensive legal career spanning nearly 20 years, I have discovered disturbing trends within our legal system that are having a devastating impact upon men.

    I am certain you have heard the saying … “ignorance is bliss” … in reality, ignorance about how some women use the modern day “politically correct” system as a FIERCE WEAPON can get you arrested, land you in jail, slam a felony on your record, cause you to lose everything you have, (including your kids) and cost you tens of thousands of dollars or worse!

    This wave of “politically correct destruction” is striking down good men everywhere with unimaginable power.

    In order to protect yourself it is imperative you know what is in this book.  I'll explain everything in just a moment, but first I must give you this ...

"What you are about to read is not for the faint of heart!  My experience has been that some people have difficulty dealing with the real world.  Moreover, nothing you are about to see is meant to be politically correct or sugar-coated.  It is a candid examination and discussion of our modern-day cultural reality!"

     There is a painful truth that few people will talk about openly.  Mention the mere idea in public, and you'll be labeled a sexist pig a chauvinist a Neanderthal or a brute.  But the reality is, when it comes to domestic discord, the playing field for men is uneven and tilted heavily in favor of women.

     Here are a few mind bending stories about what is going on in our world today.



     I am fed-up and frustrated with repeatedly seeing good men and their families getting squeezed and financially destroyed by those who are ruthless, greedy and self-centered.

     What's a guy to do?  The solution:  Do not allow yourself to fall into this trap!  With the right resource book in your hand the first time around you can avoid many of the major pitfalls that ordinarily snare good, unsuspecting men!

     Remember:  It can very easily happen to you (and anyone you know) if you foolishly fail to protect yourself with the powerful tools and strategies contained in this book!


I don't see these destructive trends changing anytime soon!

     It's much worse than most people think!  And it continues to get worse because no one wants to speak-up for fear of becoming labeled a sexist, a chauvinist or some other derogatory name!

     I have dealt with these problems for decades, and to be honest, it's getting out of control!

     Day after day I helped men defend themselves.  However, often times, it was only after a man had been slammed with severe legal problems, just as though someone had hit him with a sledgehammer right between the eyes.

     For years I had thought about how I could help good men and their children avoid this massive train wreck before it hits them.

     The problem is:  Most men can't afford to pay me $250.00 an hour to warn them, and tell them everything I know about this massive problem.

     All too often, the financial resources are not available until after they have been hit with an arrest, a frivolous lawsuit, false accusations of sexual harassment, a ridiculous restraining order or had their children taken away from them.

     If you have already had these types of miserable events happen to you, then you know exactly what I am talking about!


     This amazing guide book explains very specific step-by-step actions you can take right now to greatly reduce the chances of getting rudely and abruptly hauled off to the local jail!

     Let me ask you a question ... has your wife or significant other been acting a bit strange or erratic lately?  Is she doing things that seem to make no sense and she has difficulty explaining?  Do not commit to doing anything until you see every single one of the step-by-step solutions contained in this book!

     You will be absolutely stunned at what you see the second you crack this revealing guide book open.  It's a lot like putting on x-ray vision glasses and seeing things the way they really are. I explain every issue in detail. I leave nothing out and I give it to you in a real-world, no B.S. "man-to-man" format.

     This book is packed full of hundreds of time tested romantic / domestic solutions that can help you avoid the wrong moves when attempting to resolve these situations on your own.

See why some women put holes in condoms and how to avoid becoming a victim of this despicable act ...  page 141
If you choose to "do the right thing" and get a second job to pay your monthly child support debt, you may be shocked to discover that the mother of your child is now attempting to have your monthly child support payments substantially increased!  I'll explain how to protect yourself from this happening to you ... page 245
Understand the real reasons why it is a cultural taboo for women not to have custody of children and why it's important to understand how and why this affects you ... page 242
Find out why Restraining Orders are now being passed out like candy and what you should do immediately if one is filed against you ... page 185
What you should do at the first sign of a woman's erratic or emotionally unstable behavior. If you don't do this one thing immediately you'll experience a living nightmare ... page 23
Learn why "Step-Parent" adoptions are a very bad idea, and if you are considering it, you urgently need to see the dangers I have discovered and discussed in this book ... page 241
Does it matter who calls 911 first? You bet it does!  I'll explain exactly why it's absolutely critical that you know everything about this virtually unknown, but powerful technique ... page 225
Discover what the real story is regarding: "Co-Habitation Agreements," "Pre-Nuptial Agreements," and "Post-Nuptial Agreements" and which one of these can save you from years (possibly a lifetime) of devastating misery and financial loss ... page 212
If a woman you're dating has dysfunctional friends or family members, learn what you absolutely must do to avoid facing frightening consequences ... page 95
What you should do if a woman contacts you after she has obtained a Restraining Order against you, and then why you must get two things from the police immediately.  Don't do this, and you just might end up in jail for a very long time ... page 190
See how single mothers try to set you up as the "father figure" and then con you into paying monthly child support for children that are not even yours!  I'll explain how to protect yourself to help prevent this from happening to you ... page 22
Why you should beware of "Ladies Night Out," because after the wedding rings come off, you could be in for an unpleasant ride to the police station ... page 43
In some jurisdictions, you may be the "legal father" of a child regardless of biological paternity.  See how this blatant unfairness is spreading across the land like wildfire ... page 230


     Listen ... For nearly 20 years, I spent almost every single day of my professional life "in the trenches," gaining tens of thousands of hours of direct, real-world experience with these types of problems.

     I have spent countless hours researching and writing down the best tips and strategies for you to protect yourself from getting smacked upside the head from this abuse (against men) which our modern day culture likes to pretend doesn't exist!

     I want to warn you:  Do not fall into this trap!  It's my firm belief that there are certain establishments today that have failed to inform the male population of a multitude of legal and social dangers that are out there.  If you fail to get yourself a copy of this book and then find that you have suddenly become a victim of one or more of these culture traps, you cannot say I did not warn you.

     Everything I have seen in nearly 20 years involving thousands of legal cases has taught me the priceless, life-saving strategies that you and every man should know!

     Here is a quick look at a few more (there are actually hundreds) of these mind-blowing issues you need to clearly understand ...

Why you should NEVER let a woman know this one thing about you (at first).  If you don't follow this rule, you will greatly increase your chances of experiencing a miserable relationship ... page 18
If you've ever heard a woman say, "I want to marry an accountant, engineer or a doctor" you'll discover exactly what it means and why you should avoid this type of woman like the plague ... page 77
Thinking about moving in with that special lady?  Do not do it until you get this one special document in writing or you could pay a heavy price for the rest of your life ... page 208
Discover why you should NEVER pay more than $60 for a date. Otherwise you will be setting yourself up for a lifetime of financial misery ... page 4
If you pay child support and lose your job, not doing this one important thing can cause you to fall into a serious financial black-hole that's nearly impossible to climb out of ... page 235
Learn how female to female peer pressure can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars and how to know it's happening before it hits you like a ton of bricks ... page 44
Find out what the biggest influences are upon a woman.  Fail to know these and you'll end up absolutely hating your life for decades to come ... page 95
See the difference between a "Community Property State" and an "Equitable Distribution State," and how this difference can make or break your financial future ... page 235
Learn how "consent" magically and conveniently becomes "non-consent" in the bedroom and how you can avoid getting involved in these dangerous situations ... page 46
Why it's become acceptable for women to put-down and verbally bash heterosexual men and the steps men can take to protect themselves ... page 121
Understand why our modern western culture considers it a social disgrace for women to pay monthly child support and when they are forced to pay, how they will do almost anything to avoid it ... page 242
When it comes to children, many women view men as simply a wallet. I'll reveal the steps you need to protect yourself from serious financial ruin ... page 19
Learn why you should never bring a woman into your home until you have done this one thing. If you fail to do this and in the right way, you could lose absolutely everything ... page 11

     You must always remember to protect yourself in every possible way, including your legal rights!

     You must be aware that in almost every situation involving a wrongful allegation of domestic violence, where it is a man's word against a woman's word, a judge or a jury will almost always choose (or prefer) to believe woman instead of believing a man!  Simply stated:  In our culture, it is the politically correct thing to do!

     This ingenious book reveals several intelligent techniques on how to properly conduct yourself within this blatantly unfair system!



     Just for the sake of argument ...  Let's say you somehow had psychic like powers (which you don't) and knew for a fact that you were going to get kicked in the groin with a huge lawsuit next week by a very upset female. Then you knew you could stop it ahead of time by simply parting with a measly $14.85 (about the cost of a large pizza) and getting your hands on this book, would you do it? Of course ... you would be a fool not to.

     In the above hypothetical scenario (but extremely possible in this lawsuit crazy society) the only thing that would be standing between you and a lawsuit that can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars ... is the life saving information contained IN THIS BOOK!


     Like most men, you are probably living your life the best way you know how, but at the same time you may be completely unaware of the hundreds of dangerous legal scenarios that you can suddenly find yourself involved in and dramatically change your life!

     This book clearly reveals hundreds of detailed steps you can take to avoid the emotional trauma, financial abuse and hardship resulting from not knowing what to do or by inadvertently doing the wrong thing.

     The easy to understand tips, strategies and methods that are discussed in this book come from nearly 20 long, eye-opening years of real-world experience as an extremely successful family law attorney.

     Defending yourself against those who use the legal system like a weapon is very expensive!  If I were to send you a bill for the hundreds of hours that I have put into this ground-breaking "21st Century Modern Male Survival Guide" it would cost you nearly $50,000.00!

     Don't believe me? Just make one wrong move and it can literally cost you TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MORE than the small price of this book!

     So, the reality is ... you can't afford not to grab yourself a copy of this book!

You Get My Full 4 Week 100% 
Money Back Guarantee ...

     Getting your hands on this book, gives you nearly two decades of knowledge and experience at your finger tips.

     "How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Getting Laid" will make you know more about the realities of being a man than you ever thought possible. (Well, at least that's what men say after they have read this book.)

     Go ahead and get yourself a copy of this book. Because knowing what to do, and what not to do ... is everything.

     And that is why I'm going to show you... How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Getting Laid!

     Discretion is very important to us. Your personal information is your personal information, and it will NOT be sold. Willamette Publishing Group will appear on your statement.  The name of the book will NOT appear on your shipping package.


RK Hendrick, Esq.

"Grab Your Copy Here"

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P.S. My book is priced at a fraction of its actual value. The small price of this book is nothing when compared to the cost of not knowing how to properly protect yourself, your family and your assets!  Failing to get this book and making the wrong decisions can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars and possible jail time!

If you don't order "How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Getting Laid" right now, how will you learn all of the professional methods and techniques to solve many of the problems you may be experiencing now or even more serious problems in the near future?

You have nothing to lose by ordering "How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Getting Laid". Remember you are backed by my 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, contact me within 4 weeks of your purchase, make arrangements to return the book and I will refund the purchase price.

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